Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pre-Draft Fantasy Update: Fred Taylor To Split Carries, Arrested [UPDATED] [Jaguars Behaving Badly]

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Pre-Draft Fantasy Update: Fred Taylor To Split Carries, Arrested [UPDATED] [Jaguars Behaving Badly]

It's stories like this that give the phrase "arrested at 4 a.m. outside a South Beach Club" a bad name. Miami Beach police charged Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor with disorderly conduct yesterday outside the awesomely named "Club Cristal". Taylor wasn't jailed, but instead pinky-swore that he would appear in court at a future date. No word yet on whether in doing so, he injured his pinky.

Also unknown are the details surrounding the arrest, as the police department's record division is closed for Labor Day. Apparently they figured if dry cleaners and accountants get the day off, so should they.

In an impressive act of team solidarity, Taylor's former teammate Jimmy Smith was also arrested this weekend for driving under the ol' influence. Police found marijuana roaches and an open beer in his car.

Your move, David Garrard.

Update: It appears that Taylor was not arrested, but merely given a citation. More details if/when they emerge.

Jacksonvill [sic] Jaguar Fred Taylor arrested in South Beachf [sic] [Miami Herald]

Taylor, Smith arrested in separate incidents [Yahoo Sports]

Wright on Jags: Fred Taylor (not) arrested [Florida Times-Union]

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